Website Maintenance 

Have a Wordpress or Joomla site that needs upkeep? Just want to keep your current site current? Let us manage the maintenance on you site for a small annual fee.  Let us be your webmaster to deal with the sometimes pesky details of website ownership. The PS Website Maintenance plan includes:

  • Software updates
  • Site Security
  • Minor content updates
  • Applies to Wordpress and Joomla sites only
  • Optional Web Hosting Service

The PS Website Maintenance plan runs $240 per year. Our optional web hosting costs $120/year.

We are also available for one time maintenance needs at a rate of $65/hr. One time needs can include:

  • Site content needs updating
  • Convert an html site to an easier to maintain Wordpress or Joomla site
  • Security hacks have disabled some or all of your site
  • Move site from one host to another

Whatever your Wordpress or Joomla needs are, Pelyon Studios is standing by to right the ship and return your website to smooth sailing.