Modern Web Design

Modern website design presents information in a refreshing and compelling manner based on sound user interface and graphic design principles. Using the latest design platforms like Joomla! and Wordpress, Pelyon Studios delivers beautiful, search engine friendly sites that ar easy to read and a joy to navigate. Our sites offer advanced features today's users have come to expect, including:

  • E-commerce
  • Mobile-ready responsive design
  • Community building and forum capability
  • Social network interactivity
  • Email Newsletter integration
  • Embedded audio and video
  • Animation
  • Personal and Group Blogs
  • Database integration
  • Analytics for visitor behavior analysis

Site Build Process

The process starts with a discussion of what you envision your new site to be. Site goals, branding, capabilities and features. We'll also ask you to give us a few sites you like and why. Once we have a better idea of your vision, we'll provide a wireframe of the new home page. From it, we can decide on colors, typography, and layout. While this is going on, we'll start collecting content: text, images, and start mapping out how it's all organized.

Content is usually provided by the client, but we can help. See our content creation page for more information. We'll build the site on a public server so you can view it once we've reached milestones that require your approval. Your 100% satisfaction is our highest priority, so we won't continue until you like what you see. We can then post your new site to your current host, create a new hosting account for you, or we can host your site on our server. 

Upon completion, we can turn the site over to you for updates (training provided), or we can maintain the site for you. Our Website Maintenance plan covers all the gritty details of security, software updates, and content changes, or you can hire us for a nominal hourly fee. So go ahead, check us out, and write or call for your free project quote. To get an idea of our pricing structure, see our pricing page.