Web Content Creation

With a Pelyon Studios Website, you not only get modern, eye catching design, you also get a website highly visible to search engines with content focused on achieving your business goals. Great web design harmonizes your brand with choices in color, layout, typography, and graphics all within a logical user interface. Great content flows within the overall design and includes text, images, and motion graphics in a way that appeals to your audience on an emotional and intellectual level.

   Product Photography

For your new website, we can use your images, find royalty free images, or buy stock images on your behalf. However if you are looking to upgrade, Pelyon Studios is fully set up to help with your photography needs. Our studio includes professional photographic and lighting equipment to bring out the best in your products. We also shoot interiors, exteriors, and action shots for much less then higher priced photographers. We charge $65 an hour, and on average we shoot one to two products per hour when including editing time.


Generally speaking, clients write their own text, or have it written for them because the best expert on their business is them. As part of the design process, we make suggestions as to length, context, and SEO considerations. However, if you are starting from zero, or if you are unhappy with what you have, we can write the text for you based on your guidelines. The fee depends on quantity and can range anywhere from a few hundred to a couple thousand dollars. Ask us for a quote.

    Video Production

Increasingly, consumers consider video communication a more effective way to take in new information. Of course for entertainment, but also for instruction, research, and evaluating company's to do business with. If you have a video, we'd love to find ways to incorporate it into your website. If not, look to Pelyon Studios to round out the content on your website by letting us produce a video about you or your business. Extend your brand with a well written and produced video that can help you connect with customers in a whole new way. Videos we've produced include business or owner profiles, behind the scenes, and product spotlights. We have the training, equipment, and experience to put your business in the best possible light. Prices start at $1,000 for one-day shoots, and go up from there.


Clever animation can be the most effective way to communicate your ideas, simplify a complex topic, or present an old idea in a new way. Animation is impactful because it draws viewers in with it's surprising effects. By animating graphics, images and text, you express ideas faster and fresher then traditional media. We primarily use javascript based animation tools like Adobe Edge Animate CC to produce animations that look good on all devices. Our animation developer has loads of experience to turn concept into reality, usually for well under $1000.